2021 PIT tax return.

Below we present information from the Tax Office in Myszków regarding efficient settling with the tax office for income obtained in 2021 and the possibility of quickly obtaining a refund of personal income tax through the e-PIT service.

To use the e-PIT service, we can only enter through the e-Tax Office available at podatki.gov.pl. Logging into the e-Tax Office with a Trusted Profile (PZ), e-ID or through electronic banking enables the use of the e-PIT service (as well as other services and functionalities of the e-Tax Office). For the service itself, it will also be possible to log in with tax data.

On February 15, 2022, statements for 2021 were made available in the service. The most commonly filled out annual statements, i.e. PIT-37 and PIT-38, will be found here. Individuals who do not carry out economic activity can use statements prepared on PIT-28 and PIT-36 forms (however, settlement related to economic activity and special agricultural production branches must be completed by oneself). A declaration of transferring 1% of tax to a public benefit organization, PIT-OP, will also be available here.

PIT-OP can only be submitted if the settlement is received only from the pension authority, i.e. PIT-40A.

Thanks to the service, we can donate 1% of the tax to a public benefit organization – if we marked a specific organization last year, it will be visible in this year’s statement and we can change it. We can also easily and intuitively complete the prepared statement and include applicable deductions, such as donations, rehabilitation allowance, internet allowance, child allowance, thermo-modernization allowance, contributions to an individual pension security account (IKZE).

Joint settlement with a spouse or deceased spouse is possible if one of the spouses is subject to the provisions of Art. 30c or the lump sum tax act regarding economic activity, but they have a “zero” PIT-36L or PIT-28, which means:

throughout the tax year, they did not generate income, nor
incurred costs to generate income, nor
were obliged or entitled to increase or decrease the tax base or income, nor
were obliged or entitled to make other additions or deductions.

If there is a tax payable resulting from the PIT settlement, the service will indicate a micro-tax account so that online payment can be conveniently made.

Everyone who submits the PIT electronically, including through the e-PIT service, will receive a tax refund within a shortened period of 45 days. For statements submitted in paper form, the refund deadline is 3 months, while for families with the Large Family Card, it is 30 days from the date of receipt by the tax authority.

Until May 2, 2022, it is possible to verify, modify, or approve your statement in the e-PIT service. Afterwards, our statement will be automatically accepted – this will happen for PIT-37 and PIT-38 statements.

If there is a tax payable resulting from the statement and the statement is automatically accepted without the participation of the taxpayer, the tax office will issue information about the obligation to make a payment within one month from the payment deadline, within 7 days from the receipt of this information.

PIT-28 statements for 2021 can be submitted in the e-PIT service until February 28, 2022. Annual settlements PIT-28 and PIT-36 (unlike PIT-37 and PIT-38) will not be automatically accepted on May 2, 2022. Remember to check, complete, accept, send, submit, and download the Official Acknowledgment of Receipt (UPO).

Are you planning a visit to the tax office – schedule a convenient date:
– online – using the “Schedule a visit to the tax office” service, available at the address https://wizyta.podatki.gov.pl
– by phone at 34/3151507.