27 thousand złoty for the purchase of books for schools and kindergartens in Myszków.

Under the “National Reading Development Program 2.0 for the years 2021-2025”, the Municipality of Myszków has received funding from the state budget in the amount of 27,000 PLN for the purchase of books.

Preschools received 12,000 PLN and primary schools received 15,000 PLN. In the current year, four preschools and preschool units, as well as two primary schools, benefited from the grant. The total value of the project is 33,750.00 PLN, with the municipality’s own contribution amounting to 6,750.00 PLN.

The beneficiaries of the project are:

– Preschool No. 2
– Preschool No. 3 with Integrated Units
– Preschool No. 4
– Preschool No. 5 named after M. Konopnicka
– Preschool Units at Primary School No. 5 named after H. Sienkiewicz with Integrated Units
– Primary School No. 1 named after A. Mickiewicz
– Primary School No. 7 named after J. Brzechwa