41st Session of the City Council in Myszków

Welcome to the live broadcast of the XLI session of the City Council in Myszków. The broadcast will begin on August 26th at 9:00 am via the esesja.tv platform. The session will be conducted remotely.

Broadcast of the XLI session of the City Council in Myszków

Proposed agenda:
1. Opening of the session and declaration of its validity.
2. Determination of the agenda.
3. Information from the Vice-Chairman of the City Council regarding the signing of protocols from the City Council sessions on June 24th, 2021, July 8th, 2021, and August 5th, 2021, as well as remarks made by council members.
4. Report from the Mayor on activities during the inter-session period.
5. Adoption of resolutions regarding:
– Changes to the Long-Term Financial Forecast of the Municipality of Myszków for the years 2021-2032.
– Changes in the budget of the City of Myszków for the year 2021.
– Approval of a 3-year lease of a premises in the City Hall building.
– Approval of a new lease agreement with the current tenant.
– Determination of the average fuel price per unit in the municipality of Myszków for the 2021/2022 school year.
– Amendments to Resolution No. VI/49/15 of the City Council in Myszków dated April 2nd, 2015, regarding the determination of transportation stops owned or managed by the Municipality of Myszków, conditions and regulations for the use of these facilities, and establishment of fees for the use of these stops by operators and carriers.
– Acceptance of the project of changes to the “Regulation on Water Supply and Sewage Disposal in the Municipality of Myszków” and submission for review to the regulatory body.
– Adoption of regulations for providing funding for low-emission projects in residential buildings as part of the project entitled “Grants – Replacement of Central Heating Boilers in Myszków,” funded by the Regional Operational Program for Silesian Voivodeship for the years 2014-2020, within Priority Axis IV – Energy efficiency, renewable energy sources, and low-emission economy, Measure 4.6 Clean air, Sub-measure 4.6.1 Clean air – competition.
– Amendments to Resolution No. I/3/18 of the City Council in Myszków dated November 22nd, 2018, regarding the establishment of standing committees and determination of their composition.
– Maintaining the position regarding the consideration of a complaint.
6. Information regarding interpellations submitted by council members during the inter-session period.
7. Motions and statements from council members.
8. Closure of the session.