Additional recruitment for census enumerator.

The Mayor of Myszków City – Municipal Census Commissioner in Myszków announces an open and competitive recruitment of candidates for census enumerators to perform census-related tasks as part of the 2021 National Census in the territory of the Republic of Poland.

The 2021 National Census (NSP 2021) will be conducted from April 1st to September 30th, 2021, based on the state as of March 31st, 2021, 24:00.

Deadline for submitting applications: August 25th, 2021.

A candidate for a census enumerator should meet the following requirements:

– Be at least 18 years old.
– Have a good reputation.
– Have at least secondary education.
– Be fluent in spoken and written Polish.
– Not have been sentenced by a final judgement for intentional crime or intentional fiscal offense.

General information:

The data of the candidates for census enumerators are registered in the Census Enumerators Registry System (SER) by an authorized employee of the City Office in Myszków. A census enumerator candidate, whose data will be registered in the SER system, will receive a login to the e-learning application. The password enabling access to the e-learning system will be sent to the email address provided in the application.

Information about the training date and format will be sent to the email address provided in the application. Completion of the training with a positive result is a necessary requirement to qualify as a census enumerator.

The candidate is obliged to participate in the remotely conducted training. The training for census enumerators will include both theoretical and practical parts. The candidate will use their own device with internet access during the training and examination (we recommend a laptop, computer, or tablet). A candidate who does not participate in the full training cannot take the final examination.

Candidates who achieve a positive result in the examination (at least 60% correct answers) will be included in the list of qualified persons to serve as census enumerators. The order on the list will be determined by the highest number of points obtained in the examination by each candidate from a given municipality (as the first criterion) and the shortest time in which the test was completed in case of the same number of points (as the second criterion). The results of both criteria will be displayed next to each candidate on the list.

Candidates who have the highest position on the list will be appointed as census enumerators (according to the needs), and then they will sign a commissioning agreement with the director of the statistical office, acting as the deputy voivodeship census commissioner. The remaining candidates, whose number exceeds the demand in a given municipality, will be considered as reservists. A candidate has the right to access their test and obtained result immediately after the announcement of the test results and to request verification of the correctness of the World Bank’s score.

After being appointed as a census enumerator, the candidate is obliged to send the necessary data for the commissioning agreement and a photo for an ID through the e-learning application. The photo should meet the following requirements:

– Uniform background, well-lit, without shadows, decorative elements, or other people.
– File format: JPG, the actual size of the photo: 23x30mm, which corresponds to: for a resolution of 300 dpi, the size of 272×354 pixels, for a resolution of 600 dpi, the size of 543×709 pixels.

The census enumerator selected through the open recruitment process defined in the NSP 2021 Act performs census-related tasks based on a commissioning agreement concluded with the director of the statistical office, using a mobile device equipped with dedicated software for conducting the census. The device will be handed over to the census enumerator based on a transfer protocol, which is an attachment to the commissioning agreement.

The main tasks of the census enumerator will include:

– Conducting direct or telephone interviews depending on the current situation related to the COVID-19 epidemic using a mobile device equipped with a form application.
– Collecting data according to the established methodology and in accordance with the question key in the form application.
– Taking over some tasks of other census enumerators in emergencies, e.g., if the number of enumerators in the municipality decreases (e.g., due to resignations, illnesses, etc.) or if the deadline for census completion is at risk.

The application of a candidate for a census enumerator must include (downloadable form):

– Registration form containing:
– First name(s) and last name.
– Date of birth.
– Residential address.
– Phone number.
– Email address.
– Declaration containing information about:
– Polish citizenship.
– Enjoying full civic rights.
– Not being convicted by a final judgement for intentional crimes or intentional fiscal offenses.
– Having at least secondary education.
– Proficiency in spoken and written Polish.
– Consent to the processing of personal data necessary for the recruitment process for the position of census enumerator.
– Criminal liability for submitting a false declaration.

Submission of applications:
The candidate for a census enumerator in the NSP 2021 can submit documents in person at the City Office or via: email to the office’s email address:, the ePUAP platform, or postal operator (including, among others, Poczta Polska, courier companies). The date of receipt of the documents is determined by:
– In the case of personal submission of documents to the office or delivery by a courier – the date of delivery to the office.
– In the case of sending documents by email to the office’s email address indicated in the announcement – the date of entering the submission into the sender’s electronic communication system (date of sending the email).
– In the case of sending documents through the ePUAP platform – the date of sending the submission by the sender, which should be equivalent to the date of receipt by the official mailbox on ePUAP (appearance of the submission in the IT system).
– In the case of sending documents via Poczta Polska – the date of the postal stamp.

Offers submitted by candidates after the deadline, in a manner other than specified in the announcement, or without a complete set of required documents will not be considered in the recruitment process.

More information about the census can be obtained from the website of the City Office and the Municipal Census Bureau in Myszków – phone number: +48 34 313 22 33.

Municipal Census Commissioner
Mayor of Myszków City
Włodzimierz Żak