After disturbances in the roads, “craters” appear. Better be careful!

Usually, patching potholes starts after the early spring thaws. However, everything indicates that road workers will have to appear at the potholes a bit earlier this winter season. A thick layer of snow in recent days caused many winter fans to melt with excitement. The views were truly beautiful. However, this does not change the fact that many drivers were not happy with such a beautiful winter. Thick layers of snow covered the streets in many places, effectively hindering normal car movement. Not to mention the sidewalks and pedestrians. Thaw came and the landscape began to change. Such large temperature changes put asphalt road surfaces to the test. In many places, just like on the main photo, which is the Wojska Polskiego street in Wadowice, a pothole in the road can be really deep and difficult to avoid. It may take some time before road workers make emergency repairs to the hole. It is worth slowing down and not causing trouble. But what if we damage our vehicle by falling into a pothole? It is worth stopping in a safe place (if possible) and documenting it with photographs or asking someone for help. Emergency assistance should also be called. Road managers have liability insurance, so the compensation case should be handled with their insurers. Attention! Only those drivers who have damaged their car, even though they were driving in accordance with the regulations and exercised due caution, have the right to compensation. If the insurer finds out that we could have easily avoided the damage, for example, by avoiding a visible, marked pothole, then there is no hope for reimbursement of repair costs. – reminds the auto-swiat portal.