An Evening with Ryszard Grzyb’s Poetry

The Evening with Poetry by Ryszard Grzyb will be held on Friday, November 10, 2023, at the Mazovian Centre for Contemporary Art Elektrownia in Radom. It will begin at 5 pm. During the meeting, Ryszard Grzyb will talk about his poetry and read selected works. This will be another meeting with Ryszard Grzyb in the context of the exhibition titled “In the Midst of Life is Painting” consisting of paintings. (Poetry is painting, and painting is poetry. Reflection is an image created as a result of a collision with the essence of reality or the dark side of the journey through time – says Ryszard Grzyb. Words such as existence, destiny, marvel, and relentlessness express what truly concerns us and describe the nature of this poetry. Poetry is the discovery of oneself and infinity. It gives meaning to life and the pursuit of knowledge. It gives birth to the discipline of daily exploration and protects against triviality – adds Ryszard Grzyb. These poems are a reflection of my inner biography, little known to the viewers of my paintings. Just as I am constantly painting, I am also constantly writing poems. Without them, the understanding of my work is incomplete. Painting and poetry are equal domains in my artistic practice”) – confesses Ryszard Grzyb – Magazyn Szum. After the meeting, you will be able to purchase the artist’s poetry collection and an accompanying album for the exhibition.