Announcement of ongoing recruitment for the replacement of central heating furnaces in a grant-based scheme.

Additional recruitment announcement

based on Article 10(6a) of the Regulations on the provision of financing for low-emission projects in residential buildings under the project entitled “Grants – replacement of central heating boilers in Myszków”:

The Municipality of Myszków announces an ongoing supplementary recruitment for grant applications for the replacement of carbon heat sources within the project “Grants – replacement of central heating boilers in Myszków”.

Possibility of replacement with:
– gas boiler,
– pellet boiler,
– or an air heat pump (only for buildings put into use after 2002). In the case of heat pumps, only the reserve list due to lack of space.

The investment has received funding under the Regional Operational Programme for the Silesian Voivodeship for the years 2014-2020 (RPO WSL) in the form of a grant, within Priority Axis IV Energy efficiency, renewable energy sources and low-emission economy, Measure 4.6 Clean air, Sub-measure 4.6.1 Clean air – competition.

The project will be implemented until June 30, 2023.

Deadline for submitting project participation applications: from September 27, 2022, until all places in the project are exhausted.

Place of application submission: City Office in Myszków, Kościuszki 26 Street – the completed and signed application and authorization (if applicable) should be submitted in paper form at the Reception Desk.

In case of co-ownership, a written authorization from all co-owners must be attached to the application.

Before submitting the application, please familiarize yourself with the Regulations on the provision of financing and attachments.