Call for applications for proposals for tasks financing from the Government Program for the Reconstruction of Monuments.

The Municipality of Myszków announces the acceptance of applications for proposals for funding from the Government Heritage Restoration Program.

The grant will be available to applicants who have legal title to the monument (ownership / perpetual usufruct / permanent administration / limited proprietary rights / obligation relationship).

Applications should be submitted to the City Hall of Myszków. The application form, which is annex 1 to this announcement, should be used to submit the application.

The eligible entity (applicant) may submit an application for funding in one of three categories:
– up to 150,000 Polish zlotys,
– up to 500,000 Polish zlotys,
– up to 3,500,000 Polish zlotys.

The application should be submitted at the reception desk of the City Hall of Myszków or sent by registered mail to the following address: City Hall of Myszków, ul. Kościuszki 26, 42-300 Myszków, or to the EPUAP /um_myszkow/podawcza mailbox by March 09, 2023.