Change of bus schedules starting from January 1, 2024.

From January 1, 2024, changes to bus schedules on bus lines will be introduced.

Regarding the lines operating in Myszków and the surrounding area:
– on line 2, due to the municipality of Siewierz joining the County-Municipal Union “Let’s Drive Together!”, the entire length of the route will be organized by the Union and at the same time the route has been shortened in selected courses (bypassing Stara Huta), which resulted in changes to departure times in the municipality of Siewierz. In addition, at the request of passengers, the afternoon departure on weekdays from Myszków at 17:15 has been delayed to 17:45;
– on line 6, at the request of passengers and due to delays caused by road reconstruction, the departure from Borów on weekdays at 13:23 has been accelerated to 13:13 to facilitate arrival at work at 14:00.

Furthermore, due to the completion of the viaduct construction on Koziegłowska Street, the diversion for line 5 ended on December 21, 2023. Line 5 will resume operating according to the previous fixed schedule, passing through Koziegłowska Street. The service to the Koziegłowska/Słowackiego stop has been restored.

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