Changes in the “Meal at School and at Home” program.

The income criteria for receiving assistance in the form of nutrition support for individuals enrolled in the government program “Meal at School and at Home” have been raised. The decision was made by the council members of Radom. As Marta Michalska-Wilka, the vice-president of the city, informed, the income criteria have been increased to 200 percent:

The program provides financial support for municipalities to provide assistance in the form of meals, monetary benefits in the form of targeted grants for purchasing meals or food, and material benefits in the form of food products. Previously, the assistance was directed towards children, young people, and adults who met the conditions for receiving assistance specified in the Social Assistance Act and the income criteria, which was 150 percent of the income threshold for receiving social assistance benefits. Now, this indicator has been raised to 200 percent.
The funds provided to the municipalities are used to subsidize meals served in canteens and delivered to adults, including those unable to leave their homes (due to old age or disability), who are unable to prepare hot meals for themselves (funds have been allocated in the program for meal delivery).