Charitable workshops for the beneficiaries of the Family Foundation.

Charity Lego workshops took place on Sunday, December 17, 2023 in Radom. The proceeds from the workshops, which were held at the Deskur Townhouse, were allocated to the Familis Foundation in Radom. There was no shortage of volunteers to build with blocks. The workshops were once again organized by the Mazowieckie Voivodeship Marshal’s Office. This time, the proceeds went towards children in various forms of foster care, cared for by the Familis Foundation. Dawid Ruszczyk, a councilor from Radom and the director of the Radom Delegation of the Marshal’s Office:
Building with blocks is fascinating. Both young and old build with blocks. Among the workshop participants were Artur, Antoni and Tymon with their parents:
The president, Izabella Kolanowska, is satisfied with the workshops and the help provided to the beneficiaries of the Familis Foundation:
The workshops included animations for the youngest participants, as well as attractive charity auctions. The goal of the collection was to organize summer holidays for children in various forms of foster care.