Check out the offer for your new heat source! – WFOŚiGW message

We kindly ask our Applicants and Beneficiaries to exercise caution when choosing a supplier and installation company to replace their heat source with funding from the “Clean Air” program.

You pay for the purchase and installation of a new heat source, such as a heat pump, and we reimburse the completed task from the granted and due subsidy within the “Clean Air” program!

Unfortunately, there are dishonest contractors in the market who offer low-quality services and products and inflate prices.

We would like to emphasize that the choice of the company selling the device and carrying out its installation belongs to you – our Applicants and Beneficiaries.

We kindly ask you to be cautious, especially in the case of offers from salesmen for heat source installations, including HEAT PUMPS. Dishonest sellers offer devices of low quality that are not suitable for your home and needs. These devices consume a lot of electricity during the heating season, and their durability and quality are poor.

We urge you to thoroughly and carefully check the company and its offer before signing a contract, especially if you have any doubts about:
– the offered price of the service and product,
– the offered parameters of the device or installation,
– the offered service conditions and warranty.

Please be attentive and make decisions without haste, in consultation with the municipal consultation and information point, the village headman, or the regionally functioning WFOŚiGW institution. It is worth checking the device parameters and its actual price on the Internet. You can also talk to friends and neighbors who have already undergone such an investment process. It is also worth using the so-called “ZUM list” (list of green devices and materials) available online at within the “Clean Air” program, which includes verified devices and materials of confirmed quality.

Above all, it is worth cooperating with recommended and well-known companies in the local market.

A properly implemented investment with a subsidy from the “Clean Air” program means lower heating costs in your homes and therefore lower expenses for heating.

We care about your safety and the benefits obtained solely from the “Clean Air” program. We wish you meetings only with reliable companies and satisfaction with the completed investment!

Additional note:
The National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management (NFOŚiGW) does not promote specific companies selling devices, installation, or execution services. You should be wary of companies claiming partnership with NFOŚiGW in the “Clean Air” priority program, as this is not justified in practice. The direct operational partners in the “Clean Air” program with respect to NFOŚiGW are the voivodship funds for environmental protection and water management (WFOŚiGW) and COMMUNITIES (over 86% of Polish municipalities participate in the “Clean Air” program), as well as selected banks indicated on the website:

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