Children from the “Piątka” group at “Motylek” in Koprivnice.

Last weekend, children from class IVa of Primary School No. 5, under the care of Ms. Iwona Ciuk and Nina Grabowska, participated in the “Motylek” Musical Integration Stage in Koprivnice, Myszkow’s partner city.

Workshops were prepared for the participants of “Motylek,” in which the students willingly took part. Along with their caretakers, the students had the opportunity to meet the Mayor of Koprivnice, Adam Hanus, and Ms. Vendula Sopuchova from the Department of Culture and Sport. The Mayor thanked them for coming, handed out gifts to the children, and wished them luck on stage, where groups from different regions of the Czech Republic and Slovakia, as well as children from our city, performed. At the end, each participant received a sweet gift.

For the children, the visit to Koprivnice allowed them to discover new places and meet many interesting people, and their stay in the Czech Republic will remain in their memories for a long time.