City Council session in Myszków, Poland

We invite you to follow the live broadcast of the 55th session of the City Council in Myszków. The broadcast will start on November 17th at 10:00 am via the platform. The session will take place in the council chamber of the Myszków City Hall (2nd floor).

Live broadcast of the 55th session of the City Council in Myszków

Proposed agenda:
1. Opening of the session and establishment of its validity.
2. Determination of the agenda.
3. Information from the Chairman of the City Council regarding the signing of protocols from the City Council sessions held on August 25th, 2022 and September 29th, 2022, as well as comments made by the council members.
4. Report from the Mayor on the activities during the inter-session period.
5. Information regarding the analysis of asset declarations made by the Silesian Governor and the Head of the Tax Office in Myszków.
6. Acceptance of information on the progress of educational tasks in the municipality for the 2021/2022 school year.
7. Adoption of resolutions regarding:

changes to the Multi-Year Financial Forecast of the Myszków Municipality,
changes to the budget of the City of Myszków for the year 2022,
determination of the rates of property tax,
determination of the rates of tax on transportation vehicles,
changes to the regulations on granting funding for low-emission projects in residential buildings as part of the project “Grants – replacement of heating systems in Myszków” financed by the Regional Operational Program for Silesian Voivodeship for the years 2014-2020, within Priority Axis IV – Energy efficiency, renewable energy sources, and low-emission economy, Sub-measure 4.6 Clean air, Sub-measure 4.6.1 Clean air – competition,
amendments to Resolution No. XXXVIII/300/17 of the City Council in Myszków dated October 5th, 2017 regarding the adoption of regulations on remuneration for teachers employed in schools and educational institutions managed by the Myszków Municipality,
provision of financial assistance from the budget of the Myszków Municipality for 2022 to the Myszków County to co-finance the costs of running the Vocational Training School in Myszków,
determination of the rate per 1 km of vehicle mileage used to calculate reimbursement of transportation costs for students to educational institutions,
approving the conclusion of further lease agreements with current tenants,
approving the conclusion of lease agreements without a tender procedure,
acceptance of the task of managing transportation stops located on provincial roads within the administrative boundaries of the Myszków Municipality,
determination of transportation stops owned or managed by the Myszków Municipality, made available to operators and carriers, conditions and rules for using these facilities, as well as setting fees for the use of transportation stops by operators and carriers, owned or managed by the Myszków Municipality,
Gmina Myszków Cooperation Program with non-governmental organizations for 2023,
financial allocation to the Myszków County Police Headquarters,
approval of the Statute of the Municipal Social Assistance Center in Myszków,
amendment to the Municipal Program for Prevention and Resolution of Alcohol-related Problems and Combating Drug Addiction for 2022.

8. Selection of a guardian for the Myszków Youth City Council.
9. Information about the interpellations submitted by council members during the inter-session period.
10. Motions and statements from council members.
11. Adjournment of the session.