Concert for Mom.

May 26 is a special day, Mother’s Day. On this occasion, at the initiative of the Mayor of Myszków, Piotr Kołodziejczyk, and the Mayor of the City of Myszków, Włodzimierz Żak, a special concert was organized at the City Cultural Center, a concert for all Moms. Among the performers were the winners of the “Our Talent” competition, as well as Ania Andrzejewska, Asia Smajdor, Ewelina Rucińska, Justyna Masny, Weronika Skalska, Piotr Tłustochowicz, Michał Gasz, Jerzy Filar, Robert Janowski, and of course our wonderful Myszkovia Band.
Professionally, with humor and full professionalism, the concert was hosted by quite young, not to say decidedly young people – Zosia Wójcik and Julek Ruciński. Their mother – Ewelina Rucińska – oversaw their substantive preparation, and during the concert, the so-called “Mom’s earpieces” – Iza Skabek – were used.
Once again, we wish all Moms all the best from the bottom of our hearts!