Councillors have decided. From January, new educational facilities will be opened in Radom.

Industry Skills Centers will be established at the Vocational and Continuing Education Center and at the Construction Schools Complex. Today, the councilors of Radom adopted resolutions that are part of the implementation of the next stage of education system reform. The funding for this has been provided by the Ministry of Education and Science. Radom will be the first city in Poland to launch Industry Skills Centers.

Vocational education is entering a decisive phase. As Katarzyna Kalinowska, the deputy mayor of the city, informed, the skills centers will provide vocational training that will complement the existing forms of continuous education, as well as prepare the workforce and match the skills and qualifications of future employees to the market requirements in relation to green and digital transformation and new technologies. Moreover, they will support teachers and lecturers in the development of their teaching skills.

The creation of Industry Skills Centers is a project to strengthen the economy through investments and reforms under the funds obtained from the National Recovery Plan. As part of the competition organized by the Foundation for the Development of the Education System on behalf of the Ministry of Education and Science, the City of Radom, represented by the Vocational and Continuing Education Center No. 2 in Radom, signed a partnership agreement with the Polish Engineers and Technicians Association (SIMP) in Warsaw for the implementation and support of the Industry Skills Center in the electronic-mechatronic industry in the field of industrial automation. The amount obtained for this purpose is over PLN 15 million. The project involves the use of existing buildings of the Vocational and Continuing Education Center No. 2, and the funds have been allocated for their adaptation and the purchase of necessary equipment for the Center.