County medical scholarships for more medical students.

Medical students Monika Konopka, Izabela Rayska-Farag, and Patrycja Długosz have signed scholarship agreements and received congratulatory diplomas from Radom’s Deputy Governor, Krzysztof Kozyra. After obtaining their medical diplomas, they will work in hospitals in Iłża and Pionki. The scholarship program for medical students has been in operation since 2021. It was initiated by County Governor Waldemar Trelek, and the Council of the County voted in favor of establishing such support for future doctors. The scholarships are applied for by the interested students themselves. The program’s aim is to appreciate the most talented students and encourage them to choose specialties with a shortage of doctors, as well as future work in hospitals supervised by the Radom County, i.e., healthcare facilities in Pionki and Iłża. The scholarship recipients declare that they will work in these hospitals for two years after obtaining their medical diplomas.

“We are the only county in the Mazowieckie Voivodeship that has decided to offer such scholarships. It has cost the county over 400,000 złotys in total. The result is six scholarship recipients. Time has shown that it was worth it. We have two hospitals in Iłża and Pionki, where working conditions have greatly improved. The hospital in Pionki is one of the most modern facilities. I wish that after finishing your studies, work will be a great pleasure for you,” said Radom Deputy Governor Krzysztof Kozyra.

Yesterday, three female students signed scholarship agreements from the 7th round at the District Office in Radom. The ceremony was attended, among others, by Kacper Stolarek, a scholarship recipient from the 1st round.

“I want to thank and congratulate the authorities of the Radom County for this decision. This money definitely helps with education. I can say from my own example that the scholarship made it easier for my parents. I bought books, and I also incurred significant costs for commuting to university, but thanks to the scholarship, it was easier for me,” said Kacper Stolarek.

The scholarship agreements were signed by Monika Konopka, Izabela Rayska-Farag, and Patrycja Długosz. The first of them would like to work in the internal medicine department at the hospital in Pionki. Currently, she is a student at the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Radom. She will receive the scholarship for 18 months. The second student is studying in Lublin and would like to specialize in the rehabilitation department at the hospital in Pionki. Meanwhile, Patrycja Długosz is also studying at the Medical University of Lublin and intends to specialize in the internal medicine department at the hospital in Iłża. Both will receive the scholarship for 9 months, said Izabela Rayska-Farag.

The signing of the agreements was also attended by Joanna Pionka, director of the hospital in Iłża, and Barnarda Dudek, head of the hospital in Pionki.

“I am proud that such an initiative has been created. From the hospital in Pionki’s perspective, I can only thank the county authorities, led by Waldemar Trelek, for trusting us and investing in our facility. For many years, it was a small, forgotten hospital, essentially destined for closure. Over the past few years, excellent working conditions have been created here. Now it’s time to invest in the staff. I am grateful that so many scholarship recipients have chosen Pionki because there is no healthcare facility in Poland that does not need a broader medical or nursing staff. The conditions we can offer are a leap forward compared to what it was just a few years ago,” said director Bernarda Dudek.

In total, half a million złotys from the budget of the Radom County have been allocated for medical and nursing scholarships from 2021 to 2024.