Culture and sport together

The Municipality is gradually and consistently modernizing cultural and sports facilities in our city. In addition to the ongoing modernization of sports facilities such as “Orlik” complexes and sports fields at schools, the renovation of the interior of the MOSiR, and the stages of the reconstruction of the Municipal House of Culture, it is now time for two big projects – the renovation of the auditorium and its accompanying infrastructure in the MDK, and the construction of a new building and two tennis courts at the city stadium.

Both facilities serve our residents, associations, and sports clubs. Just as residents can develop their artistic interests individually and in associations at the MDK, all sports clubs and organizations will find their place at the city stadium and in the new facilities. MOSiR manages the city stadium on behalf of the Municipality of Myszków.

Municipal House of Culture
So far, an elevator has been built in the Municipal House of Culture, providing access to all rooms for people with disabilities. New toilets have been installed, and the educational spaces have been redesigned, resulting in new rooms and office spaces. The backstage area has been renovated along with changing rooms and toilets. A heating system has been installed, and the electrical, heating, and plumbing installations have been renovated in the refurbished rooms. The total cost of these works, based on final protocols, amounted to PLN 3,617,149.26. We received a grant from the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage in the total amount of PLN 1,195,669.22.

Renovation of the Interior of the Municipal House of Culture

According to the recently signed agreement for Phase III, Part 2, the auditorium, ground floor office spaces, main lobby with a cloakroom, staircase on the left side, and the side facing the library will be renovated. For this stage, we have secured funding of PLN 5 million from the Polish Strategy Fund – Strategic Investment Program. The total cost of the investment according to the agreement is PLN 9,508,071.98. The completion of the investment is planned for spring 2024.

Municipal Sports and Recreation Center
The city stadium is also undergoing a transformation. After the completion of the new artificial turf field, the Municipality started the modernization of the athletics track along with the replacement of seats in the stands. For this purpose, we received a grant of PLN 1,042,000.00 from the Development Fund for Physical Culture as part of the Sportena Polska 2021 program. The cost of this task according to the agreement is PLN 2,591,550.58. The recently signed agreement by the Mayor of the City concerns the construction of a club building and two tennis courts. We obtained a sum of PLN 7,280,469.45 from the Polish Strategy Fund – Strategic Investment Program for this purpose. The total cost of the task according to the agreement is PLN 12,089,100.00. The completion of the work is expected in July 2024.

We will keep you informed about the progress of the works.