Culture for a zloty also for preschool children.

Apart from primary and secondary school students, as well as people with disabilities, children from preschools will also be able to benefit from the “Cultural School in Mazovia” initiative for a symbolic złoty. It’s worth hurrying because the “Cultural School in Mazovia” campaign runs until the end of the year and is enjoying great interest from the youngest residents of the region. The “Cultural School in Mazovia” is an initiative of the Mazovian Voivodeship self-government, under which Mazovian schools’ students can visit cultural institutions for one złoty. As Marszałek Adam Struzik emphasizes, the program has been a great success. – The campaign is enjoying significant interest, as evidenced by the number of people visiting our institutions. In this edition, in the first half of the year alone, we achieved an impressive result of nearly 160,000 participants. Now, students from preschools and kindergartens can also take advantage of the offer of our museums and theaters for one symbolic złoty. There are 28 cultural institutions run by the Mazovian self-government to choose from. Among them are both theater and performance institutions (such as the Arnold Szyfman Polish Theater in Warsaw, the Tadeusz Sygietyński Mazowsze State Folk Song and Dance Ensemble in Otrębusy, or the Jerzy Szaniawski Dramatic Theater in Płock), open-air museums (Mazovian Village Museum in Sierpc and the Radom Village Museum in Radom), as well as museums (such as the Mazovian Nobility Museum in Ciechanów, the Armoury Museum at the Castle in Liwie, the Mazovian Centre for Contemporary Art “Elektrownia” in Radom, the Kurpie Culture Museum in Ostrołęka, the Mazovian Museum in Płock, the Ethnographic State Museum in Warsaw, or the Sports and Tourism Museum in Warsaw).
Deputy Marszałek Wiesław Raboszuk encourages participation in the campaign. – Mazovian cultural institutions have an interesting and diverse offer. Thanks to the one złoty ticket, school trips eagerly visit our museums, theaters, and open-air museums. In this way, we managed to encourage young people to visit theaters or museums.
Marta Milewska, spokesperson for the Marshal’s Office of the Mazovian Voivodeship:
The campaign is aimed at primary school, general high school, technical school, vocational school, and artistic school students from the Mazovian Voivodeship. From July onwards, people with disabilities can also benefit from it, regardless of age and type of disability, and now children undergoing one-year preschool preparation in the preschool, preschool department, or primary school are also included.
To be able to take advantage of the “promotional” price, the school should submit an application to the chosen cultural institution. The form is available on the website and on the websites of the cultural institutions. Detailed information regarding participation in the program can be found on the websites of the participating institutions. The program regulations, declaration forms, and the list of institutions can be found on the website