“Do you mean the phrase ‘Konecczanie wybrali’ in English? If so, the translation is ‘Konecczans have chosen’.”

We have learned the results of the participatory budget in the municipality of Końskie. However, one of the winning tasks will not be funded from this source. The next edition of the participatory budget in the municipality of Końskie was met with great interest from the residents. Seven tasks were eligible for voting. A total of 14,262 votes were cast. – This is a record-breaking interest – admits Mayor Krzysztof Obratański.

And these two projects, namely the recreational development of the OSP area in Dziebałtów and the equipping of the playground with elements of small architecture next to the rural community center in Stary Sokołów, will be carried out as part of the participatory budget.

Three tasks will be implemented as part of the participatory budget of the municipality of Końskie. However, contrary to previous announcements, the third project will not be the one from Modliszewice, as it turned out that it did not meet the formal requirements and should not have been included in the voting process at all.

Due to the significant support from the residents, the task from Modliszewice will be implemented outside of the participatory budget. On the other hand, the initiative will include the modernization of the playground in Nieświn. This is another project from the list of tasks supported by the residents’ votes. In total, the local government will allocate a budget of PLN 450,000 for the implementation of Konńszczan’s ideas in the next year’s budget. In the future, the municipality is considering a different distribution of funds within the participatory budget. This is to separate municipal investments from rural investments. The goal is to give tasks from Końskie, which usually receive fewer votes, a chance to be implemented as well.