During the upcoming holidays, they gave hope.

This year, the weekend of miracles, also known as the final of the Noble Parcel, fell a week before Christmas. Thanks to the whole crowd of good-hearted people from the Kozienice region, 23 families will spend the holidays with hope for a better tomorrow. As every year, the final of the Noble Parcel takes place in December, which is a charity action aimed at providing wise help. The families that receive it get material support, which is meant to motivate them to change their lives for the better. Monika Lis and Ewa Jasionka, the volunteers, confirm this:

This year, there were 23 volunteers involved in the Noble Parcel in the Kozienice region. This is a lot compared to previous editions, but as Sylwia Kuczyńska, the leader of the Noble Parcel in Kozienice, emphasizes, there were many more people who made miracles happen on December 16-17:

As every year, the warehouse where the packages prepared by donors were stored was located in the KCRiS clubhouse by Lake Kozienickie. It was there that the summary of the action took place on Sunday. In addition to the volunteers, we could meet the mayor of Kozienice, Piotr Kozłowski, and Dorota Stępień, the deputy mayor. The city hall, along with its subordinate units, prepares a package every year that can change the fate of one family from the municipality. It was also an opportunity to thank all the people involved in this noble action.