European funds for “green” projects – benefit from the support of advisors.

The new financial perspective of European funds amounts to several dozen million euros for Poland. Social organizations can also benefit from this money. Recruitment within regional programs has already been announced for some voivodeships, while schedules for other regions are available. In projects that address environmental issues, free support from the NGO Advisors Network – Climate Funds can be obtained.

Climate Funds – NGO Advisors Network is a project implemented by the All-Poland Federation of Non-Governmental Organizations (OFOP) in collaboration with the Sendzimir Foundation as part of the “Green Leader” program, funded by the Polish-American Freedom Foundation. We are creating a nationwide network of over 30 advisors in the field of acquiring European funds for social and investment projects aimed at climate change mitigation and adaptation. Local non-governmental organizations, as well as partnerships between organizations and local governments in municipalities with up to 50,000 residents throughout Poland, can benefit from advisory support.

NGO Advisors – Climate Funds not only provide information on available European funds and specific recruitment processes in each voivodeship through organized information meetings but also assist directly throughout the advisory support process. Our network aims to build cooperation and partnerships between local governments and social organizations, taking into account the voice of residents in the implementation of these projects. Social organizations can be extremely valuable partners, which is why we support the consultation and involvement of local communities in the planning and implementation of projects to be funded by European funds, as well as inspire practical and interesting environmental protection solutions.

Thanks to the support of the Polish-American Freedom Foundation, support for communities with less than 50,000 residents is free of charge. We invite individuals who have ideas for implementing projects in their communities to contact the advisors operating in each voivodeship. Detailed information and contacts for individual advisors can be found on the website Feel free to reach out!

Press Release from the All-Poland Federation of Non-Governmental Organizations