“Everyone is allowed to love” – with a special love for children.

The ninth charitable performance is behind us. This time, director Tomasz Szulakowski took us into the avenues of stars, with a special atmosphere of the Young Poland period.
The packed auditorium reacted enthusiastically to the hits of those times. And speaking of history, it is worth remembering that nine years ago, MEP Małgorzata Handzlik approached Mayor Włodzimierz Żak to cooperate on a charity performance project. The first one was played for the benefit of the hospital in Myszków, the next ones for children with disabilities – Section “Towards Dreams”.

And so every year, with enormous commitment from the performers, supporting entrepreneurs, institutions including the Municipal Culture House, the PoMocna Foundation, ladies such as Małgorzata Łapeta, Agata Skała, Anna Paterek, Hotel Kinga, and above all Myszków Mayor Włodzimierz Żak, this endeavor, each year without fail, ends in success. By success, we mean the collection of funds for a rehabilitation stay for children from the association’s section “Towards Dreams”. This year, the amount is 25,400.00 zł.