At the Grodzisk Sports Hall, today was held the farewell of the graduates of the Juliusz Słowacki High School in Grodzisk Wielkopolski. On Friday afternoon, the graduates received their certificates and honors for diligent four-year studying, they had the opportunity for reminiscences and farewells with their colleagues, as well as teachers and educators who accompanied them throughout all the years in the school walls.
During the ceremony, the Director of the High School – Katarzyna Nowak-Pierszalska, handed over the certificates of completion of school with honors. Students who achieved very good and good results in their studies were also rewarded. Awards and honors were also given to the youth for their achievements in competitions, sports competitions, and for their active work for the school and the Grodzisk community.
The graduate of the year 2024 was Rozalia Kaczmarek, who received the highest average grade on the school completion certificate: 5.63. Congratulations to the graduate and her parents were handed over by: Grodzisk County Star, Mariusz Zgaiński, Grodzisk County Council Chairman, Sebastian Skrzypczak, and the High School Director, Katarzyna Nowak-Pierszalska.
The Grodzisk County Star together with the Grodzisk County Council Chairman also gave thanks to Natalia Kinal and Franciszek Zgaiński – graduates who actively participated in the Youth County Council activities and took initiatives for the school community.
Congratulations to all Graduates on completing school and we wish them good luck on the matriculation exam and success in their further educational and professional paths.