Firefighters at the competition

On June 23rd, a sports and firefighting competition took place at the city stadium involving Volunteer Fire Departments from the city of Myszkow competing for the Mayor of Myszkow’s trophy.
Due to technical reasons, the only unit that did not participate in the competition was the OSP Będusz. The event, as every year, was prepared and conducted in cooperation with the State County Fire Department. Presenting the trophy and prizes to the winners, Mayor Włodzimierz Żak said: “Congratulations to the winners, and I wish everyone increasingly better results.”
Senior Men’s Team: 1st place OSP Nowa Wieś 2nd place OSP Mrzygłód 3rd place OSP Myszków 4th place OSP Smudzówka 5th place OSP Mrzygłódka
Women’s Firefighting Team: OSP Nowa Wieś
Youth Team Boys: 1st place OSP Mrzygłód 2nd place OSP Nowa Wieś
Youth Team Girls: 1st place OSP Nowa Wieś