Football children’s day.

On June 4th, Myszków Sports Club “Myszków” invited children to celebrate Children’s Day. There was an open training session for all interested participants, a parents versus children match, and at the end of the picnic, the Myszków Sports Club (MKS) played against Podlesianka Katowice. For the youngest members of the club, watching and cheering on their older peers proved to be quite an attraction.

Among the invited guests was also the Mayor of Myszków, Włodzimierz Żak, who presented medals to the winners of the various competitions. “I wish you a string of successes, but above all, joy in practicing sports. May the joy of childhood accompany you for as long as possible,” said Mayor Włodzimierz Żak.

Aside from the sports activities, the MKS Myszków Club offered inflatable play structures, cotton candy, and family grilling for the little ones. Undoubtedly, this day was a success for both the children and their parents, as well as all the members of the club.