Free rehabilitation stays at KRUS centers

There are still places available for farmers and their children at free rehabilitation stays in KRUS centers.
Until May 10th, the regional branches of the Agricultural Social Insurance Fund (KRUS) in Częstochowa will be accepting applications for referral to summer rehabilitation stays for children of insured farmers (in June and July) who have respiratory system disorders, musculoskeletal system defects, and diseases. Adult farmers can take advantage of stays at the Farmer’s Rehabilitation Centers throughout the whole year.
KRUS operates 6 Farmer’s Rehabilitation Centers in attractive locations in Poland: Szklarska Poręba, Świnoujście, Iwonicz Zdrój, Jedlce, Kołobrzeg, Horyniec Zdrój. The cost of a three-week stay for one person is estimated to be over 2500 PLN, however, it is free for referred farmers and their children. This year, parents or legal guardians will also not incur costs related to transporting their child to the CRR.
Preventing disability or limiting it to a level that allows the farmer to continue working on the farm through medical rehabilitation is one of the main tasks of the Fund. Rehabilitation is the only way for the farmer to return to their former efficiency after injuries, accidents, and illnesses. Farmer’s Rehabilitation Centers are established to provide medical activities in the field of comprehensive rehabilitation and treatment of people with musculoskeletal and circulatory system diseases. The years of experience have allowed to improve therapeutic methods, resulting in the improvement of the health of many thousands of patients.
Children staying at the KRUS Farmer’s Rehabilitation Centers are provided with an individual rehabilitation program, round-the-clock medical-nursing care, and full-day meals.
Children from the Silesian Voivodeship this year will be able to receive treatment and rest at two KRUS centers: – children with postural defects and musculoskeletal diseases will stay at the Farmer’s Rehabilitation Center in Horyniec Zdrój, from June 23rd to July 13th, 2019 – while those with respiratory system diseases will be at the Farmer’s Rehabilitation Center in Iwonicz Zdrój, from July 10th to July 30th, 2019.
Applications for referral of a child to a rehabilitation stay can be obtained from the KRUS Regional Branch in Częstochowa or in Local Offices, of which there are 12 in the Silesian Voivodeship. The completed application along with the attachment must be submitted to KRUS by the deadline of May 10th, 2019.
Certain conditions and rules must be met when referring and qualifying children for rehabilitation stays. At least one of the parents (legal guardians) must be subject to agricultural social insurance by law. If the insured farmer is fully covered at the request – the insurance must have been continuous for at least one year. In 2019, children born between 2004-2012 (aged 7-15) will be referred for stays. The basis for referring the child is the application for medical rehabilitation referral, which is attached to the Regulation of the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development dated July 19, 2013, regarding terms and conditions for referral by the Agricultural Social Insurance Fund for medical rehabilitation and granting orders for rehabilitation services and treatments.
The application must be issued by the child’s primary health care physician or specialist treating the child. The application form is available on the KRUS website: The application must be accompanied by a completed attachment, providing additional information about the child’s health, as well as a statement from the parent (legal guardian) including consent for personal data processing.
Children are assessed and qualified for rehabilitation stays by a regional KRUS doctor; priority is given to children with disabilities.
It is worth adding that children participating in the stays are insured against accidents, as a special agreement (funded by the Contribution Fund of Agricultural Social Insurance) has been concluded with the Postal Mutual Insurance Company.
Before traveling to and from the rehabilitation stay, the vehicle will be subject to mandatory control by the police.
Stay for adult farmers – requirements Rehabilitation for farmers entitled to benefits from the Fund is organized in the form of 21-day stays conducted in the Farmer’s Rehabilitation Centers run by KRUS. Rehabilitation can be used by individuals at risk of total incapacity to work on the farm, or temporarily recognized as completely unable to work on the farm, but with the prospect of regaining this ability through treatment and rehabilitation. However, they must meet specific criteria regarding the social insurance obligations of farmers. As a result, persons eligible for rehabilitation stays must meet one of the following conditions: – be subject to full social insurance for farmers by law – be subject to accident, sickness, and maternity insurance at their request in full for at least 18 months before applying for medical rehabilitation – have the right to periodic agricultural pension due to incapacity for work and have retained the ability to live independently.
Each time, the rehabilitation benefit is granted based on a physician’s referral establishing the indications for rehabilitation. The application must be accompanied by necessary tests ordered by the doctor. The completed application, valid for 6 months, must be submitted (in person or by mail) to the appropriate regional branch or local office of the Fund. Applications undergo registration, formal verification, and substantive assessment.
Following approval from the regional medical inspector at KRUS, farmers receive a proposal for the stay. If the farmer agrees to the proposed date and place of rehabilitation, they receive a referral for the rehabilitation stay.
Persons for whom the need for rehabilitation is justified by an accident at work in agriculture have priority in being referred for medical rehabilitation.
The medical rehabilitation center reimburses the referred farmer for the travel costs to the rehabilitation facility, equivalent to the price of the cheapest available public transport ticket.
Rehabilitation can be used once every 12 months. Persons entitled to sickness benefit due to temporary incapacity for work lasting more than 180 days, as well as those entitled to periodic agricultural pension due to incapacity for work on the farm, may receive rehabilitation benefits six months after the end of the previous rehabilitation. In case of justified health needs of the patient, the waiting period for re-referral can be shortened, and the stay extended.
Undergoing rehabilitation is entirely voluntary and does not limit the farmer’s right to cash benefits from farmers’ social insurance, with the exception of sickness benefit for the period of stay at the medical rehabilitation center.
In 2019, KRUS will organize rehabilitation stays for 1176 children of entitled farmers throughout the country. Every year, about 14,000 individuals benefit from medical rehabilitation via KRUS.
Detailed information regarding rehabilitation stays can be obtained at the Częstochowa Regional Branch, ul. Korczaka 5, rooms 24 and 25, by calling 34 365 32 92, as well as at Local Offices. Application forms are available on the website.
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