Free sterilization and castration, as well as microchipping of dogs and cats

Attention residents of Myszków, dog and cat owners!

We are starting a campaign for free sterilization and neutering, which will last in our city until November 30, 2023.

The cost of the procedure, funded by the city, includes:

a qualifying visit before the procedure at a veterinary clinic,
performing a standard sterilization/neutering procedure,
providing post-operative care for the dog/cat,
a follow-up visit at the veterinary clinic, including clinical examination and suture removal.

The final decision on performing sterilization is made by the doctor. In case additional tests are needed, the owner covers the costs.

To take advantage of the free sterilization/neutering campaign and microchipping of our pets, please come in person with your ID to the City Office of Myszków, ul. Kościuszki 26, room 58, to receive a referral, and then make an appointment by phone at the veterinary clinic.

The clinics performing the procedures:

Veterinary Clinic Artur Grabowski 42-310 Żarki, ul. Mostowa 1, tel. 502-331-405.
Veterinary Office “PUPIL” 42-300 Myszków, ul. Polna 21a, tel. 609-053-002.