From 2023, the obligation of the PUE profile applies to all entrepreneurs.

From January 1, 2023, all entrepreneurs, both those employing several people and those paying only for themselves, will be required to have a PUE ZUS profile. Previously, this obligation was only for employers who paid contributions for more than 5 people.

The PUE ZUS profile for entrepreneurs offers many possibilities, not only for sending electronic documents to ZUS, but also for receiving correspondence from the institution. Employers also have access to information about their employees’ sick leave, and their sick employee does not have to provide a paper eZLA to the company. However, if such a PUE profile does not exist, the employee still has to deliver a “paper” sick leave (print).

From 2023, all PUE profiles –

From next year, according to changes in regulations, everyone who is a contributor will have a legal obligation to have an active profile on PUE ZUS. And it doesn’t matter whether they pay contributions only for themselves or employ one, two, or more people – the PUE profile will be a necessity. Correspondence from ZUS will come to the PUE ZUS profile, so it is important to keep the profile active to not miss important information from ZUS – explains Beata Kopczyńska, regional press spokesperson for ZUS in the Silesian Voivodeship.

Every contributor must create such a profile by the end of this year. In case of failure to fulfill this obligation, ZUS will create a PUE profile for the contributor (the contributor will have to provide their email address to ZUS), and this will be done by January 31, 2023. – It would be good to create such a profile oneself and calmly familiarize oneself with the functionality of PUE. This is where ZUS will direct correspondence to the contributor, it is worth knowing where to look for it, how to respond, or how to send applications to ZUS. If someone wants explanations or support, our employees will be happy to help. Assistance can be obtained through an e-visit to ZUS, which is a video call with our expert, or in person at any ZUS branch. On-site, the employees of the institution will also show the functionality of PUE ZUS and the possibilities it offers – encourages the spokesperson.

The new regulations introduce the possibility of signing electronic documents for ZUS not only with a qualified electronic signature (as it was before), but also with a trusted signature or the personal signature of the person responsible for submitting these documents.

Just a few minutes

Creating a profile on PUE ZUS is very simple. It will take no more than a few minutes. In order to use the trusted profile on PUE ZUS, one must first create a profile on PUE and then “trust” it, i.e. confirm the identity of the profile creator.

Contributors can create a profile on PUE ZUS themselves on the internet and then confirm it using online banking, a qualified electronic signature, e-signature, or ePUAP.

ZUS organizes online training on the functionality of PUE. It is worth taking advantage of such an opportunity and familiarize oneself with the solutions that this platform offers. Information about the training can be found on the website in the “Training and Events” tab. All trainings are free and can be attended by anyone interested.

Press release from ZUS.