From December, new, higher limits for additional work.

People who work while receiving an early retirement or pension must remember that additional earnings can affect the amount of benefits received. If the income exceeds the specified thresholds – 70% and 130% of the average monthly salary – the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS) may reduce or suspend the benefits. The good news for beneficiaries is that as of December 1st, the earning limits will be higher.

The income limits change every three months. From December 2023 to February 2024, the safe earning limit will be 5,036.50 PLN gross. This is over 132 PLN more per month than before. Earnings up to this amount per month will not result in a reduction of the pension or retirement benefits paid by ZUS. However, in order for the payment of benefits not to be suspended, the additional monthly income in December, January, and February should not exceed 9,353.50 PLN gross.

– Income higher than 70% (5,036.50 PLN gross), but lower than 130% (9,353.50 PLN gross) of the average monthly salary, will result in a reduction of benefits by the exceeding amount, but not more than the maximum reduction amount – reminds Beata Kopczyńska, the regional press spokeswoman for ZUS in the Silesian Voivodeship.

The maximum reduction amount is 794.35 PLN for pensions and disability benefits due to total incapacity for work, 595.80 PLN for disability benefits due to partial incapacity for work, and 675.24 PLN for family benefits to which only one person is entitled.

Who can work without limitations?
The earning limits do not apply to retirees who have reached the statutory retirement age (60/65 years). – The only exception to this rule is seniors whose calculated pension has been increased by ZUS to the minimum benefit amount (from March 1,588.44 PLN gross). In such cases, if the income from work exceeds the amount of the increase to the minimum pension, the benefit for that period will be paid in a lower amount, without the supplement to the minimum – adds the spokeswoman.

Unlimited work earnings are also allowed for certain disability pensioners. This applies to individuals receiving pensions for war veterans, military invalids whose incapacity for work is related to military service. This privilege also applies to family benefits due to these entitlements.

Income limits do not need to be considered by individuals receiving family benefits, which are more favorable in amount than the established retirement benefits for reaching the statutory retirement age.

Press release from ZUS.