From March 7, the railway crossing on Koziegłowska Street will be closed.

Due to the implementation of the investment project entitled “Construction of a grade-separated intersection on Provincial Road No. 789 on Koziegłowska Street in Myszków, along with the construction of the adjacent road system, in exchange for the removal of a category A railway-road crossing at km 256.551 of Railway Line No. 1 on Koziegłowska Street, as part of the project entitled “Improving safety at railway-road intersections – stage III”, we would like to inform you that as of March 7th, a temporary traffic organization, stage 2, will be introduced for the duration of the project, which involves a complete road closure.

Therefore, the railway crossing in Nowa Wieś, on Koziegłowska Street (DW789), will be impassable. During the implementation of the project, detours have been designated via roads DW791, DW793, and local roads.

We kindly ask you to exercise caution and follow the designated detours.