GINB message regarding the phenomenon of changes/updates to heat sources in declarations.

Message from the Chief Inspector of Construction Supervision

Dear Sir/Madam,

Any change in the type of heating source and fuel used – not due to a mistake, but for the purpose of demonstrating the use of a coal boiler/furnace in order to obtain a protective or coal bonus – may result in criminal liability for making a false statement.

The correctness of the declaration can be verified by persons authorized by municipalities, as specified in the anti-smog resolution and air protection programs.

Owners and administrators are legally obligated to ensure (at least once a year) the inspection of the technical condition of chimney flues, during which the heating sources will also be verified.

According to regulations, the inspection of chimney flues is carried out by persons qualified as chimney sweep masters or persons with relevant construction qualifications.

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the full content of the Chief Inspector of Construction Supervision’s message:

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