Grójec: the vehicle was too heavy and too long

The truck with concrete tanks weighed over 65 tons instead of the permissible 40 tons. The excess load caused the axle pressures to exceed the allowed limits. In addition, the vehicle convoy was too long. The improper transportation was halted on the night of Thursday to Friday (November 23/24) by officers from the Mazovian Road Transport Inspection.
Inspectors from the Road Transport Inspection stopped a truck with a trailer on the “Siódemka” expressway near Grójec for inspection on the night of November 23/24. The convoy was transporting four concrete septic tanks with covers. The reason for intervention was suspicion of exceeding the permissible load and axle pressures on the road. The truck was directed to the inspection scales. The convoy of vehicles with the cargo weighed 65.4 tons instead of the allowed 40 tons. Furthermore, the pressures of the truck’s double drive axle on the road were 28.6 tons, while the norm was 19 tons. The convoy of vehicles was also 1.15 meters too long – informs the Main Inspectorate of Road Transport.
The crew of drivers did not present a category V permit for the passage of non-standard vehicles on public roads. The entrepreneur would not have obtained this document anyway. The cargo was divisible, which means that fewer tanks should have been transported – informs the Road Transport Inspection. Inspectors banned the further transport of septic tanks from the place of road inspection. Proceedings will be initiated under the Road Traffic Act for the identified violations. The entrepreneur is at risk of a fine of 18,000 PLN.
Overloaded vehicles contribute to faster degradation of road surfaces and the structures of engineering facilities along the roads. Driving on roads with overloaded vehicles also affects road traffic safety. Such a vehicle primarily has a longer braking distance and impaired stability – explains the Road Transport Inspection.