Grzegorz Braun’s Madness. The words about the “satanic cult” were uttered in the Parliament as early as July, but the PiS authorities did not react.

“Disgusting, Talmudic, racist, Satanic cult” – these words referring to Jews were already spoken from the rostrum of the parliamentary chamber by deputy Grzegorz Braun in July of this year, when the year 2024 was being designated as the Year of the Ulm Family. The then ruling PiS party did not react to them, which only convinced Braun of his own impunity. Almost identical words were spoken by him in the Parliament today, but earlier – using a fire extinguisher during an anti-Semitic demonstration – he crossed all boundaries and caused an international scandal. Braun was elected as a deputy in Podkarpacie, where the Ulm Family gave their lives to save Jews.