He was a mayor for 103 days, now he is saying goodbye to his chair: “I am forever grateful!”

One could say that Marek Gajowy is one of the biggest losers in the local elections. He did not run for councilor. On Sunday, he lost the mayoral election in Spytkowice. He will be in charge of the municipality until April 30, then Krzysztof Byrski will take office. For five years, Marek Gajowy was a county councilor in Wadowice, and on January 19, he assumed the role of acting mayor of Spytkowice. On Sunday, he failed to defend his position. He lost in the vote to Krzysztof Byrski, who will take the oath after the May weekend and become the mayor of Spytkowice. For Marek Gajowy, this is temporarily the end of his adventure with local government. Dear Residents. I would like to sincerely thank each and every one of you for your time, for coming to the polling stations, and for voting for me yesterday. Although I did not succeed in taking on and continuing the role of Mayor for another 5 years, I am grateful for this time. For the many wishes of good luck, words of support, for every handshake, for the opportunity to get to know you and your needs, for every smile. Thank you very much! Congratulations to my opponent Krzysztof Byrski on his victory. – Marek Gajowy wrote on Monday on social media. He also thanked the councilors who will form the new 15-member Municipal Council. He also thanked the residents of three precincts where he won the elections in the municipality, namely in Spytkowice, Przewóz and Miejsce. But I also thank the Dear Residents very much, and those of you from the other precincts where I had less support, and yet there were some of you who believed in me and wanted me as the leader of the municipality for the coming years, I am eternally grateful! – added the candidate. After the elections, Marek Gajowy plans to return to his work. He is an academic teacher, he also teaches math to children from schools in Spytkowice and Tomicz. In Sunday’s election, Marek Gajowy lost to Krzysztof Byrski in the mayoral election by 106 votes. Marek Gajowy received 2179 votes, which is 48.81%, and Krzysztof Byrski received 2285 votes, which is 51.19%. Formally, his tenure as acting mayor will end on Tuesday, April 30 after 103 days in office.