He was arrested for abusing his wife.

By court decision, the 41-year-old suspect accused of mental and physical abuse towards his wife will spend the next 3 months in pretrial detention. The man faces up to 5 years of imprisonment.

– Last week, police officers from Skierbieszow arrested a 41-year-old man who was using physical and psychological violence against his wife. According to the information obtained by the uniformed officers, the resident of Zamość County abused alcohol. Under its influence, he would start quarrels, during which he insulted his wife with vulgar words. The man was also aggressive, pulling her clothes, beating her, expelling her from the house, and making threats to her life. This lasted for several months. On the day of the arrest, the 41-year-old man flew into a rage, and the victim, fearing for her life, escaped to relatives and called the police. This was not the first such situation, similar arguments had occurred in the past. However, the 38-year-old woman did not call the police because she hoped her husband’s behavior would improve, as reported by Dorota Krukowska – Bubiło, spokesperson for the Zamość police. The suspect was interrogated and charges were presented to him. The court supported the investigators’ request and decided to temporarily detain the 41-year-old. The man was taken to the detention center, where he will spend the next three months.