Heated shelter for homeless people.

Seven people have already taken shelter in the container that was set up in the square next to the Shelter for the Homeless at 188 Słowackiego Street on November 1st. This is a place for homeless people living in public spaces who want to spend the night in warmth. The condition for using the heating facility is sobriety. Until March 30th, 2024, the Shelter MOPS will continue to provide emergency admissions, as in previous years. Individuals will be able to stay in the heated container, equipped with sanitary facilities (shower and toilet), from 6:00 PM to 8:00 AM. This is a standard heating facility. Shelter staff offer hot tea, as well as clean clothes, towels, and cleaning supplies if needed. Each person who is interested will receive a referral to a soup kitchen for a warm meal. In addition, individuals can apply for social assistance benefits.

From 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM, homeless people in public spaces who do not wish to use overnight accommodations will be able to use the shower. Setting this time slot will allow for all necessary precautions to be taken, such as disinfection and ventilation of the premises.

The Shelter employs two social workers who conduct interviews with shelter residents, as well as individuals in public spaces and non-residential areas. They enable access to social assistance benefits, issue referrals to soup kitchens, and provide social work support.

Individuals under the influence of alcohol will not be admitted to the facility. The presence of intoxicated individuals is dangerous for other individuals in the facility, as well as for the staff. Furthermore, it is in violation of the Social Assistance Act.

The heating facility, located at 188 Słowackiego Street next to the Shelter for the Homeless, has been operating seasonally since 2017. In the previous season, 56 people used the heating facility. Typically, there were several to several dozen homeless individuals in it at any given time within a 24-hour period.