Hedgehog Day at the Borka Library

The Hedgehog Day celebrations took place on Wednesday, November 8, 2023, at the Borki Library. Preschool children visited Branch No. 9 of the MBP on Sucha Street in Radom. The occasion was the upcoming International Hedgehog Day, which falls on November 10. On this occasion, Jeżoteczka, a hedgehog shelf, was also opened, with books about hedgehogs on it. It was a bit educational and a bit arts and crafts. The youngest readers could learn more about hedgehog habits, their treats, and create their own hedgehogs. Marta Trojanowska, the head of Branch No. 9, tells us what happened at the Borki Library:

On November 10, special informational brochures about helping hedgehogs will be available for all readers at the Borki Library.