Help Ukraine – support a humanitarian campaign for the most affected cities in Ukraine.

We appeal for support for a humanitarian campaign for the most affected cities in Ukraine from the territory of the Kiev Oblast.

As the community of Myszków, with the support of neighboring municipalities, we want to provide humanitarian aid to the residents of Bucha who have been deprived of access to electricity, water, food, and medicine as a result of Russian aggression.

As part of the aid, an ambulance (SP ZOZ in Myszków) will be sent, which will be filled with supplies.

We present a list of the most needed items:

Civil needs:

5-10 kW diesel generators,
10-25 kW diesel generators,
electric heaters and infrared heaters (radiators),
automatic heating devices,
portable gas stoves,
pneumatic hammers,
gas cylinders,
free-standing toilets and cleaning supplies,
fire extinguishers,
extension cords,
lamps, especially those that allow multiple charging,
automated tools for collecting and transporting rubble,
candles and matches,
warm blankets, pillows, bedding.

Medical equipment, medicines, food:

portable resuscitation devices,
stabilizing orthoses, orthopedic splints/corsets, external limb stabilizers,
hemostatic sponges and preparations,
antiseptics for wounds,
plaster bandages,
compression bandages,
medical compression bandages,
intravenous drops,
drops to reduce elevated eye pressure (glaucoma),
hemostatic compression bandages,
durable self-adhesive dressings for venous catheterization.
Long-term food (canned goods, sugar, rice, etc.)

Donations for Ukrainian citizens within the city of Myszków can be made to the following locations:
Myszków Volunteer Fire Department (daily from 16:00-18:00)
Nowa Wieś Volunteer Fire Department (daily from 18:00-20:00)
Mrzygłód Volunteer Fire Department (daily from 18:00-19:00)
Mrzygłódka Volunteer Fire Department (daily from 16:00-17:00)
Smudzówka Volunteer Fire Department (April 20th, 22nd, 25th, 27th from 17:00-20:00)
St. Anne’s Parish in Myszków-Będusz (daily)

In addition, pharmacies in Myszków have also joined the campaign, where you can donate painkillers and dressing materials.
Aloes Pharmacy, Sikorskiego 53D Street
Pharmacy on Dworcowy Square 5
Farm-Plus Pharmacy, Skłodowska 7 Street
Dobra Apteka Pharmacy, Piłsudskiego 66 Street
Dobra Apteka Pharmacy, Pułaskiego 6 Street
Światowid Pharmacy, 1 Maja 130 Street

Students from Myszków primary schools, the High School, and the School Complex No. 1 are also supporting the collection.