How to encourage a grandmother or grandfather to open a bank account?

Bank account is safe and convenient, and using the internet and electronic banking is not difficult at all. It is worth for seniors to be aware of this and be able to take advantage of various possibilities. How can they learn it? By using the knowledge of their grandchildren. That is the target of the “How to encourage your grandma or grandpa to have a bank account” competition. The deadline for registration is November 12th.

Students from elementary, secondary, and higher schools can participate in the competition. The task of the participants is to present the benefits of having a bank account and creatively encourage their senior relatives to open such an account and use it, for example, online. – The experience of young people in using the internet is very useful in introducing grandparents to the virtual world. Grandchildren know best what concerns their grandparents have when using a computer, the internet, or applications on a mobile phone. They are often asked for help by their grandmother or grandfather when something doesn’t work on their smartphone. That is why we believe that young people will know best how to convince their grandparents to open a bank account, including making payments and purchases online. Through this intergenerational cooperation, we want to show that using the internet, a bank account, and electronic banking is simple, safe, and convenient – says Beata Kopczyńska, regional spokesperson for the Social Insurance Institution in Silesian Voivodeship.

What task awaits the students? They must use their advantage, which is unlimited creativity, and answer the competition question through visual or multimedia work. The solution can be presented in the form of a poster, comic, video, or infographic/multimedia material. The type of work depends on the participant’s age and school level. They can be done individually or in teams. The completed work must be submitted by December 10th. The total prize pool is 35,000 PLN.

– Detailed information about the competition can be found on the website or from the coordinators for social communication and education, who are available at every branch of the Social Insurance Institution. The competition is part of the informational and educational campaign “Safely, healthily, without cash”.

ZUS Press Release