Information for residents of Jana Pawła II street.

Dear Sir/Madam, property owners and residents of Jana Pawła II Street in Myszków,

In connection with the implementation of the design documentation as part of the investment task entitled “Construction of sanitary sewerage, stormwater sewerage, and reconstruction and construction of roads with accompanying infrastructure in the Podlas housing estate in Myszków,” the Municipality of Myszków would like to inform you that the designers from AK-BUD KONRAD GALANT company from Częstochowa, acting on behalf of the Municipality, will be conducting meetings with the owners of properties on each street to discuss the agreement and determine the location of the connections to the proposed sanitary sewerage.

In order to efficiently handle the matter, we kindly ask you to dedicate your valuable time and allow for site visits on your properties, participate in the discussions, and sign the necessary statement confirming the agreements.

The schedule of meetings for the upcoming week is as follows: 02-06.08.2021 for pre-arranged meetings between 15:00-18:00.