“It was a test… a strong test.” The traveler from Brusin near Iława tells about her journey to Israel and Palestine [INTERVIEW; PHOTOS].

In Greece, on the islands made famous by the musical “Mamma Mia”, in the sunshine and with a breathtaking view before her eyes, Milena Jachowska, a 30-year-old traveler from Brusin, a small town between Iława and Susz, felt for the first time that this is exactly how she wants to live – discovering the beauty and diversity of this world. Read about Milena Jachowska’s travels here: http://www.infoilawa.pl/aktualnosci/item/72534-rozmowy-z-palestynczykami-poddaly-mnie-probie-mocnej-probie-mowi-milena-jachowska-podrozniczka-z-brusin-w-gminie-susz-wywiad-zdjecia