Join Santa’s ride through the Kozienicka Forest.

Already on the nearest Sunday, December 3, the 15th Santa Claus Nordic Walking through Kozienicka Forest will start. Details below. Meeting of participants at 10 o’clock in front of the “Przejazd” forest school – link to the map:
For those interested from Radom, as always, free buses will be waiting in front of the RDLP headquarters in Radom at 25th June Street 68 (from the courtyard of the RDLP office). Departure from Radom at 9 o’clock.
Those interested in taking part in the rally will also be taken by a bus from Kozienice. Gathering at 9:00 in front of the Kozienice House of Culture.
The route will lead through attractive nature trails in the forest. Along the way, there will be themed stops, so there will be an opportunity to expand your knowledge about the forest.
The finish line of the walk will be at the “Przejazd” forest school. Here, participants will find a bonfire, refreshments, contests, and a surprise from Santa Claus.
09:00 Gathering of participants in front of the RDLP building in Radom (courtyard)
09:15 Departure of participants from the RDLP building in Radom
10:00 Meeting of participants before the “Przejazd” forest school – welcome and short warm-up with instructor
10:15 Start of the approximately 6 km route, with themed stops along the way
13:15 Gathering of participants at the picnic meadow, bonfire, contests for those interested
14:00 Summary and end of the walk