Lower taxes in the Ełk Municipality in 2024!

During the 82nd session of the Ełk Municipal Council, key decisions regarding fees and taxes for the year 2024 were made. This is an important step towards benefiting the residents and entrepreneurs of the municipality. The councilors supported the proposal of Mayor Tomasz Osewski, and taxes will be lower! The following councilors voted for lower rates: Kazimierz Bratek, Bogdan Jurczyk, Andrzej Kisiel, Beata Lisowska, Mirosław Radywoniuk, Bogusław Sadowski, Piotr Słomkowski, Jan Wielgat, and Ryszard Wołyniec. Tadeusz Fatkowski, Andrzej Sulima, and Jan Szabroński voted against. The remaining councilors were absent. In 2024, the property tax rate for residential buildings will be 0.89 PLN per 1 square meter of usable area (previously 1.00 PLN), while for properties related to economic activities it will be 22.00 PLN (instead of the previous 27.00 PLN) per 1 square meter. In terms of qualified seed material turnover, the rate will be 15.50 PLN per 1 square meter, and for facilities related to the provision of healthcare services, it will be 6.76 PLN per 1 square meter. As for the land tax related to economic activities, regardless of the classification in the land and building register, the rate will be 1.00 PLN per 1 square meter. However, there are exceptions. The tax on land or parts thereof occupied by photovoltaic farm installations for converting solar energy into electricity will be 0.70 PLN per 1 square meter, for standing surface waters or flowing surface waters of lakes and artificial reservoirs it will be 6.66 PLN per 1 hectare, and for the rest, including those used for conducting charitable statutory activities by public benefit organizations, it will be 0.61 PLN per 1 square meter. “I may be repeating myself, but I have long been a proponent of the lowest possible local fees and taxes,” says Tomasz Osewski, Mayor of the Ełk Municipality. “I’m glad that the majority of the councilors in our beautiful municipality share a similar opinion and that the pockets of the residents are burdened as little as possible.” Upon the proposal of Mayor Tomasz Osewski, the Ełk Municipal Council passed a resolution to lower the purchase price of rye for the purpose of calculating agricultural tax, from 89.63 PLN per 1 quintal to 52.00 PLN per 1 quintal. Lower tax rates for means of transport will also apply in the Ełk Municipality, compared to neighboring municipal authorities.