LX session of the City Council in Myszków.

Welcome to watch the live stream of the LX session of the City Council in Myszków. The transmission will start on March 2nd at 10:00 am via the esesja.tv platform. The session will take place in the session hall of the Myszków City Council (2nd floor).

Live stream of the LX session of the City Council in Myszków

Proposed agenda:
1. Opening of the session and determination of its validity.
2. Determination of the agenda.
3. Information from the Chairman of the City Council about the signing of the minutes from the RM session on February 2nd, 2023, and about the remarks made by the councilors.
4. Report from the Mayor of the City on activities during the inter-session period.
5. Presentation of reports on the activities of the City Council Committees in Myszków in 2022.
6. Adoption of resolutions regarding:

changes to the Long-Term Financial Forecast of the Municipality of Myszków,
changes to the budget of Myszków City for the year 2023,
amendments to the resolution of the City Council in Myszków No. XXIII/182/16 dated September 1st, 2016, regarding the determination of the amount and principles of determining and settling specific purpose subsidies for entities running a nursery or children’s club within the city of Myszków,
determination of the rate for 1 km of vehicle mileage taken into account when calculating reimbursement of transportation costs for students to educational institutions,
approval for the gratuitous acquisition of perpetual usufruct rights of the property with the right of construction, located in Myszków, Myszków district,
approval for concluding additional lease agreements with current lessees,
approval for concluding lease agreements without a tender procedure,
care for homeless animals and prevention of animal homelessness in the Municipality of Myszków for the year 2023,
determination of the amount and detailed conditions and procedure for granting and returning specific purpose allowances for economic self-reliance.

7. Information regarding interpellations submitted by councilors during the inter-session period.
8. Proposals and statements from councilors.
9. Adjournment of the session.