LXI session of the City Council in Myszków.

Please follow the live stream of the LXI session of the City Council in Myszków. The transmission will start on April 13th at 10:00 am via the esesja.tv platform. The session will take place in the session hall of the Myszków City Hall (2nd floor).

Live stream of the LXI session of the City Council in Myszków

Proposed agenda:
1. Opening of the session and confirmation of its validity.
2. Determination of the order of proceedings.
3. Information from the Chairman of the City Council regarding the signing of the minutes from the City Council session on March 2, 2023, as well as comments made by councillors.
4. Report from the Mayor of the City on activities during the inter-session period.
5. Report on the implementation of the Assistance Program for Large Families, entitled “Our Big Family.”
6. Adoption of resolutions regarding:

changes to the Long-Term Financial Forecast of the Myszków Municipality,
changes to the budget of the city of Myszków for the year 2023,
financial assistance from the budget of the Myszków Municipality for 2023 to support the cleaning costs of separators and the costs of conducting analyses of treated sewage samples and water samples,
amendments to Resolution No. XXXVI/227/21 of the City Council in Myszków dated April 1, 2021, regarding the adoption of the Regulations for maintaining cleanliness and order in the Myszków municipality,
adoption of the “Asbestos Removal Program in the Myszków Municipality”,
adoption of the “Environmental Protection Program for the Myszków Municipality for the years 2023-2026 with a perspective until 2030”,
principles for granting subsidies for conservation, restoration, or construction works for a monument listed in the monument register or included in the municipal register of monuments, located in the city of Myszków, under the Government Program for Monument Reconstruction,
transfer of jurisdiction concerning a petition regarding increasing legal awareness of transplantation among the local community,
approval of the sale of real estate located in Myszków, in the Będusz district,
transfer of financial funds to the District Police Headquarters in Myszków.

7. Information regarding interpellations submitted by councillors during the inter-session period.
8. Councillors’ proposals and statements.
9. Closing of the session.