Many banks – one number to report lost or stolen cards.

Theft or loss of a wallet involves the loss of documents and payment cards. The most important thing is that they are not used without our knowledge. The solution for account resources is a quick phone call to the number 828 828 828, and in the case of an ID card or driver’s license – contact the bank.

In Poland, over a million payment cards are lost each year. If their owners reported the loss immediately after noticing it, they would not suffer any financial losses. The reason for the lack of a quick reaction is often the lack of knowledge of the appropriate bank telephone number. The emergency number 828 828 828 facilitates lightning-fast action. It is easy to remember, available 24/7 from any type of phone and from any corner of the world. Nearly a quarter million calls have been made to it since its launch in 2014.

Call, don’t wait!

This is not an ordinary helpline. It is based on modern technology, which recognizes the name of the bank provided by the caller, from which the lost card originated. Then, we connect with a consultant from that bank who blocks the card. More information: