Mazovia still supports Ukraine.

The Mazovia Regional Council continues to assist the victims of the war in Ukraine. This time, 1200 food packages, household cleaning products, and hygiene articles will be delivered to the Miżhirja Humanitarian Center. In addition, the Caritas of the Lviv Archdiocese of the Roman Catholic Church will receive household appliances. The regional council allocated over 330,000 PLN for this purpose. The transport was received by representatives of Ukrainian organizations. The food packages for the Miżhirja Humanitarian Center contain items such as tea, powdered soups, chocolate, and preserved foods. Additionally, one thousand sets of chemical products consisting of powders, liquids, and sanitary wipes will be sent to Ukraine. The center will also receive power banks. The Mazovia regional council allocated over 200,000 PLN for this purpose. Meanwhile, representatives of the Caritas of the Lviv Archdiocese of the Roman Catholic Church received household appliances worth over 130,000 PLN.
The purchase was made by the Mazovian Voivodship Marshal’s Office in Warsaw thanks to the project entitled “Poland-Belarus-Ukraine Cross-Border Cooperation Program 2014-2020”, which is financed by the European Union.
Furthermore, in 2023, the Mazovian regional council purchased a heating boiler worth over 14,000 PLN for the needs of the firefighters from the 3rd Fire and Rescue Unit of the Main Board of the State Fire Service in the Zakarpattia Oblast. It was delivered through the Miżhirja Humanitarian Center.
Support from the Mazovian regional council in 2022. The Mazovia Voivodship’s own funds were used to purchase the following items for the victims in Ukraine:

22 power generators for the Vinnytsia Regional Military Administration for nearly 160,000 PLN gross,
408 manual AMBU resuscitators, 200 goggles, 250 tactical gloves, 100 sets of thermal clothing for the Lviv Military Medical Center for almost 173,000 PLN,
300 sets of thermal clothing, 123 polar fleece jackets, a firefighting motor pump, suction and discharge hoses, 60 sets of firefighter uniforms, helmets, gloves, 2 Turbomatic water-powered hydraulic power units, 16 75 and 52 discharge hoses, 12 manual AMBU resuscitators for the Lviv Regional Military Administration worth 235,000 PLN gross,
a power generator for the University of Life Safety in Lviv for over 103,000 PLN gross,
200 mats, 1,950 wet wipes, 960 moist tissues, 100 field beds, and 50 camping beds, 10,000 batteries, 2,000 bars of soap, 2,000 toothbrushes and toothpaste, 1,000 flashlights, 350 sleeping bags, 600 sets of thermal clothing for the Miżhirja Humanitarian Center worth over 200,000 PLN gross,
electrical supplies for Caritas of the Sambir-Drohobych Diocese worth 29,500 PLN gross,
2 SHIMADZU MOBILEART EVOLUTION MX7 X-ray machines for the Lviv Regional Military and Veterans Hospital and the Stłumione Lviv Regional Oncological-Medical-Diagnostic Center for almost 700,000 PLN gross,
60 manual AMBU resuscitators for the hospital in Przemyśl worth nearly 3,500 PLN gross,
659 blankets, 476 pillows, and 34 duvets – aid for refugees worth 104,500 PLN gross.