Message regarding the discontinuation of waste collection by FCC company

Dear Sir or Madam,

Due to the fact that FCC has ceased providing the service of collecting mixed waste, paper and paper packaging, ash, and biodegradable green waste, we will strive to ensure the collection of these waste materials through a contract with our company SANiKO.
We have had discussions with FCC, but there have been no assurances that we will change the payment terms for the contract. As FCC has not provided sufficient documentation of exceeding the amount of waste specified in the contract, a change in the contract terms is not possible. We were not allowed to conduct a thorough analysis of the situation, as FCC stopped at presenting us with enigmatic documents. In light of this situation, the only body that can determine whether the municipality should incur additional costs under the contract is the court.
As of March 1, FCC has stopped providing the service of collecting mixed waste, paper and paper packaging, and ash.
A conducted inspection did not confirm the amount of waste, unfortunately, during its duration, access to the GPS device was interrupted, and we are currently unable to continue the inspection. Despite our intervention with an employee of the company, the service is not functioning at present.
Not accepting FCC’s position and in concern for public finances, we are forced to seek solutions in resolving institutions.
We ask for your understanding in the current situation and wish to inform you that the collection of mixed waste, paper and paper packaging, and ash from single-family housing will take place from April 1. The collection of the remaining fractions will continue as usual.
Emergency waste collection from multi-family housing will start on March 5 by the company SANiKO.
Dear Sir or Madam, we will make every effort to ensure that the changes resulting from the current situation are not too burdensome for you. However, we ask for your support and understanding. We will keep you informed of any changes as they occur.