Modernly in school

24 computers and a 3D printer are equipment that has been delivered to the Polish Nobelists Technical Schools in Trzcianka. The purchase of such high-quality devices with a modern operating system was made possible thanks to the funds allocated for this purpose by the governing body, namely the czarnkowsko-trzcianecki district. The total cost of the expenses incurred amounted to 64,656 PLN. Representatives of the county administration could not be absent from the symbolic handover of the computers: Włodzimierz Ignasiński – the deputy starost of czarnkowsko-trzcianecki, and Ryszard Jabłonowski – the head of the Education Department. One symbolic computer was handed over to the school director, Robert Ziółkowski, and the vocational subject teacher, as the rest are already being used by students. As the deputy starost emphasized: “Progressively improving education standards is a priority action. The computer lab that we have upgraded is already accessible, and students can use high-quality equipment that will allow them to better understand the world, the changes happening in it, and expand their horizons. As a district, we know how important high-quality equipment is and how much it means in a school where IT technicians, landscape architects, or automotive technicians are educated. That is why we do everything to ensure young people have proper access to modern teaching aids. I am convinced that the lab will serve the implementation of important and interesting projects.” Undoubtedly, the students who have decided to study in the IT technician field are the most pleased. Everyone agrees that the new computers open up many possibilities for them, and as a result, they can develop their passions and improve their skills, as the guests who came could see for themselves. The youth prepared several presentations and projects that demonstrated the specialized possibilities of using the parameters of the new equipment. As they emphasized, the previously used equipment would only provide them with a fraction of the possibilities for implementation and development as the one that has been purchased. We wish them many IT successes and hope that the new equipment will serve them for several years to come. Klaudia Wieczorek Czarnkowo County Administration.